Chronic Dry Eye

We are the first and only accredited dry eye center in Northern NY.

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Do you suffer from Dry Eye?

Chronic Dry Eye is caused by inflammation to the eye resulting in a decrease in tear production over time. Many patients turn to over the counter products in hopes of relief. However, the chronic use of rewetting drops, artificial tears or even puntual plugs will offer you only temporary relief, with no long term solution to your symptoms.


Once you have had your initial clinical evaluation with one of our physicians, we will then measure the severity of your condition with TearLab. TearLab Osmolarity assists by measuring the quality or quantity of secreted tears. This tells the physician if there is stress on the eye due to increased tear evaporation. Which, if left untreated will lead to further damage of the eye and more inflammation.





Restasis Ophthalmic Emulsion is what we prescribe as the best treatment to increase your overall natural tear production. Within one month of treatment you will begin to notice the reduced need for artificial tears with a remarkable difference in natural tear production.

If you have Chronic Dry Eye, it is important to keep regular appointments with your physician so he can continue to monitor your progress. Finding the right maintenance therapy is key to managing your symptoms.


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