Non-Surgical Treatment

About Non-Surgical Treatments

The non-surgical procedures at Cosmetic and Laser Surgery is designed to enhance the way you look and feel without undergoing surgery. Whether you’re concerned with unsightly veins, acne, wrinkles, or sun damage, there are plenty of non-surgical ways that we can help you achieve your goals.

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For most of our non-surgical procedures, pricing is based on the treatment, the location, and the number of treatments needed. 

Consultations are complimentary and will help us provide you with specific financial details. Package discounts and special offers are also available.

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Injectable Treatments

Injections are primarily used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.

To improve acne, melasma, sun damage, fine lines, texture roughness, large pores, and dullness.

A skin treatment that uses an exfoliating blade to skim dead skin cells and hair from your face

A prescription injection for temporary improvement in the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows.

A cosmetic treatment referred to as a filler. It’s used to restore facial contours and improve signs of aging. Focusing on the face, specifically the cheeks, lips, and around the mouth.

Can be used to add volume and fullness to the lips and skin to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth.

Using Morpheus8 – a subdermal adipose remodeling device (SARD) that combines microneedling and RF energy to improve skin tone and texture.

Using Votiva – a safe treatment that addresses both internal and external vaginal health issues, without needing surgery. If you suffer from low blood flow or lowered sexual interest Votiva may be right for you. 

Laser Treatments

To help with your acne, we use Broad Band Light (BBL), which is a gentle and non-invasive treatment that can penetrate deep into the skin without affecting the surface.

Pigmented lesions are commonly referred to as “brown spots”, “age spots,” “liver spots” or “sun spots”. These spots are due to an excess of pigment in the skin, usually due to sunlight exposure and congenital factors.

BBL BroadBand Light technology utilizes the power of pulsed light to deliver excellent phototherapy results. The physician will be able to treat a broad range of skin conditions caused by skin aging and sun exposure. 

Laser facials deliver visible results quickly, and is a powerful treatment alternative to microdermabrasion and chemical peels.  Treatment sessions take just minutes, so you can resume your busy life

A quick and comfortable laser procedure with little downtime, used for improving the overall appearance of your skin. The procedure can be customized to your specific skin conditions and desired outcome. 

ClearScan YAG allows the physician to precisely treat visible vessels, broken capillaries, spider veins, vascular lesions and discoloration of your skin by using laser energy.

Laser resurfacing has emerged as the most effective way to treat a wide variety of skin conditions. Resurfacing eliminates old, damaged skin, which is replaced with fresh, healthy skin. 

SkinTyte utilizes infrared energy to deeply heat soft tissue while protecting the entire treated area with sapphire contact cooling.

ClearScan YAG allows the physician to precisely treat visible vessels, broken capillaries, spider veins, vascular lesions and discoloration of your skin by using laser energy