Brown spot and pigmented lesions

Pigmented lesions are commonly referred to as “brown spots”, “age spots,” “liver spots” or “sun spots”; café au lait birthmarks; and freckles. These spots are due to an excess of pigment in the skin, usually due to sunlight exposure and congenital factors.

Treatment plans vary from patient to patient depending on the type of lesion, size of the affected area, color of the patient’s skin and depth to which the abnormal pigment extends beneath the surface of the skin.

Age and sun spots generally do well with one or two treatments, while darker or deeper birthmarks may require additional treatments, however as many as six to eight treatment sessions may be required for some lesions.

Treatments are usually 4 to 8 weeks apart to allow your body to remove the maximum amount of pigment cells. You will continue to see a lightening of your lesion after each treatment as your body disposes of the pigment cells. Treatment with the laser is more comfortable and requires less recovery time than some other treatment methods. Most patients do not require anesthesia.

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Please note:

  • Individual results and treatment sessions may vary.
  • As with any procedure, there are some risks and possible side effects, which will be explained to you before treatment. Be sure to provide your complete medical history before undergoing any kind of MediSpa treatment.