Lip Fillers: Secret to the perfect pout

Thinking of getting your lips done but worried about looking like fish with a trout pout? 

Here’s how you should get your perfect pout: 

Instead of going all out on your first appointment, it’s better to have a series of lip filler treatments.

We can help you build up slowly by using low volumes over multiple treatments until you reach your desired plumpness.  

For an understated look, as little as one syringe (equivalent to about 1ml) of filler is usually enough for one treatment.

At Cosmetic & Laser Surgery we have multiple types of fillers to choose from. We help the patient choose a product to reach their desired goal. Whether it is adding volume and fullness to lips or restoring facial contours and improving signs of aging; there is a product for everyone! 

The important thing is that the lip filler you choose is thin and flexible, to keep things looking as natural as possible – if that’s what you want 😉 

Come in and see us for a free consultation – we would love to help you out because we gals stick together!